Concept Art: From vineyards in France directly to us in Dallas.

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We are a family owned and operated enterprise whose members trace their roots back to the Republic of Texas. Over decades the simple traditional recipes for our meals have been continuously enhanced by the talents of newcomers bringing Hispanic, Germanic, Mediterranean, Asian, and other contributions. It has been a challenge to match the resulting fusion with the proper wines.

To our delight we discovered that French wines work best with the new SW to SE Gulf Coast cuisine.

Our beliefs, motivations and discoveries are shared in our basic internet site Wine can be collected as an investment or to be enjoyed as a treasure on the table when it is matched to the meal. We travel overseas and discover small family winemakers whose product is perfectly matched with our cuisine. We import the wines ourselves and every step from the overseas wine cellar to our state-of-the-art wine vault in Dallas County is made while the wine is refrigerated at constant temperature. It is a more expensive method of shipping, but good wines can be ruined by short exposures to high ambient temperatures. While hunting for winners on the table, we did find a few that have become significant investment vehicles.
Vincent Meursault Charmes